Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer's still here, but not for long...

It's harvest time!!! The potatoes I planted in the wine barrels didn't do so hot this year- I suspect the quality of the soil, but check out the size of this volunteer from last year!!
This is a Yukon Gold that I obviously missed during last year's harvest. It grew three of the largest Yukon Golds I've ever seen.

I also had a Norland Red volunteer as well, which outdid itself too! The carrots did much better this year; I've been pulling them as I need them and they're so sweet tasting!

Here are the potatoes I planted in the wine barrels. Not much for size, but I did get enough for a few dinners and they tasted great. I'll just tell people they're a mini-variety or something :-)

I caught a glimpse of one of my preying mantids while watering the strawberry pyramid. Look at how big they've gotten! I'm really hoping to see some egg sacs appear in my garden this year. It's been doing a great job keeping white fly infestations down on my strawberry plants.

I finally potted up the succulents I bought at Gardenpalooza in April. I found this plant stand on CL for $20 and got the pots at Al's nursery in Woodburn. So far, they're really happy and starting to root nicely.

Also, my toad lilies are blooming this year! I planted them last fall and have been waiting patiently to see what the blooms look like. I liked them because they looked so much like orchids, but without all the hassle. Very pretty!

My onions also did much better this year than last year. I planted seeds instead of onion sets this year and they've really made some nice bulbs. I've used a lot of fresh onions in cooking and when I canned salsa last weekend. It's very convenient just to go out back and harvest what you need.'s September and I'm still harvesting carrots, onion, and tomatoes, but Fall is in the air, I can feel it!

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