Friday, April 27, 2012


This month is my garden's one year anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to post lots of garden pictures? My Citron Bleeding Heart has come back this Spring vigorous and blooming like crazy!
The white Bleeding Heart isn't too far behind!
A couple of the checkered Lilies I planted last Fall have come up- they have a truely unique flower.
Tulips that I planted last Fall...
I tidied up the strawberry pots by removing all the dead leaves that were choking the new growth. All the strawberry plants are putting out flower stalks since I took this picture.
All the onion seeds I planted are coming up. There are cipollini, red, yellow, and scallions under this greenhouse.
I've put some pansies in by the blueberries for a little early Spring color...
Most of my sweet peas have found homes on trellises- this one was improvised from an upside-down tomato cage over a pot.
I also completed another craft project. This is a window frame that I'd seen outside a thrift store I drive past every day on my way to work. The glass had been partially broken out of it, so I got it for a few dollars. I removed the rest of the glass, strung wire across and hung my seed packets from it! It's great because now I can see all the seeds I have at one time instead of sifting through stacks of folded packets.
I also cleaned out the chicken coop last weekend. The girls are always thrilled with new straw. They love digging through it for the occasional hidden oat...
And now for some rediculous, shameless cutness! A typical day for Alice and Cooper: Nap on the couch...
Nap in the storage bins...
Climbing the laundry basket...
Then, more napping while Mom cans jam...
That's it for now; the plants are growing faster than I can post. Stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Annual Sausage Party

A few quick pics of the sausage party at Janell's house this weekend:
Italian Sausage!
And here's a trivet I made out of the seams of old jeans:
And another pic of the babies. Enjoy!