Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jeez, where have I been???

Shit, I'm behind on posting! Naturally, I have lots of pictures to share, dating way back to Jan's Christmas gift exchange party!

Here's Cynthia showing off her wonderful White Elephant gift of dried lamb scrotum (that was Jan's idea) and creepy sheep puppet!

Next, we have Jan sipping wine and trying to remember the "rules" of gift-picking and stealing...Neil had to be consulted throughout...

Here we are all very festive with our paper crowns, reading the jokes from the Christmas crackers...Cynthia still with creepy sheep puppet...

Sean, after grabbing said creepy sheep puppet off chair, proceeded to kill, kill, KILL!!

Ginger on the couch while Elizabeth knits and talks (she so talented...I can't do both...)

Now, ZOOOOOM forward to the Andersen/ Lulay arduous journey into the high, high hills of Sweet Home Christmas Tree Hunt. The higher we drove, the more snow started to appear on the roadside and we finally had to turn around (after I had a major melt down after feeling the truck slip).

Finally, after...ahem...getting my tree in a lot...we decided to head home. I got all my presents wrapped in brown paper packaging, tied up in string just in time for a trip to St. Helens.