Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Wonder If...

A snippet from Becky's internal monologue:

"I wonder how padded a padded cell really is. Is it, like, Sealy Serta padded, or just don't-bludgeon-your-head-on-a-corner padded? Is the floor padded to, or just the walls? If the floors were padded, I wonder if they make everyone take their shoes off...."


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ok, I haven't really "vented" that much on my blog which, I suppose, is one of the main attractions of having one. However, I do have a small bone that I've been picking on for a while. Why do good things happen to people who don't deserve them??? Some people work hard writing specs, dotting their I's, crossing their T's, and some people can just go play golf...with the president of the company. Some people stay overtime and come in every other Saturday, while some people just have sex.....with the president of the company. Some people are always honest, even when the truth is the last thing anyone wants to hear. Some people bold-faced the president of the company. How is it that one can build a whole career out of smoke and mirrors?! Hard work and perserverance are supposed to be the solid base of The American Dream, so how is it that everywhere I go, I meet people who manage to skate by?! Now, I realize that not everyone is perfect, including me, and that every society will have it's share of lying, no good, lay-abouts, but what really gets me, what makes me lose sleep at night, pull at my hair, and foam at the mouth is that THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!!!! Even when everyone knows they're full of shit (their boss included), it seems like taking action is just too hard. It's somehow easier (which I've never understood) to deal with the person day in and day out, taking the heat for their mistakes and enduring ego-inflated posturing. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that there is no answer to my question. Every one of us have asked the same thing, and every time we are met with the empathetic faces of our more upstanding colleagues. And so, all I've got to say to the universe is: WHAT THE FUCK?!??!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, How the Time Flies

I was over at Don and Emma's the other night and finally got the opportunity to take Little Man pictures!! I dunno if it's my biological clock, tick, tick, ticking away or the fact that I was present through the whole pregnancy, but this baby doesn't bug me nearly as much as most. In fact..... I think I love the little bugger!!! How did that happen???
He's just learning to smile and laugh and the progression from wrinkled, tiny newborn to interactive (Don's adjective) baby is progressing at light speed. Every time I see him, he's become more aware of the world around him.

After waking from a nap, first order of business is a diaper change. Mark waited patiently for Emma to put a clean one on before letting a very loud way......while smiling. I heard Don quietly say something like "Yeah, I thought Emma was kinda jumping the gun on that one..."

Yeah, Mark's self discovery is fascinating in a purely scientific way. Not that I'm getting mushy over him, or anything. I'm not a baby person, after all.....

(Yeah, I know I'm losing this battle. Don't rub it in....)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ooo, That Smell

Mmmm, mmmm that's good. Farmer John Bacon straight from the source. Casey was good enough to bring some up for me during his visit, along with some 255 Ham Steaks. As disappointed as I was that they removed soy sauce, it's still some of the best bacon I've ever had....including Hormel's "Black Label", so there!

It was strange, the sudden collision of my two realities. Farmer John packaging in my Portland apartment was a strange dichotomy and I had a moment of nostalgia looking at the ingredient statement and CC#....

Brent was kind enough to send me these photos of Victor's going away party and since I was already reminiscing about FJ, I decided to include them in this post.

There are so many jokes to make here, I can't decide....

PS- clara, I know how tired you are of people using song titles in their post headings, but I bought Lynyrd Skynyrd concert tickets, so I think I'm entitled! :-)