Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pastry Table at Last!

It's finally done, YAY!!!!!! It was sitting in the garage for several months before I got Joe to fix the drawers, then another couple of months before Alexandra got the top finished, but what a top! It's all made out of 1-inch pieces of Maple and wow, does it look good.
Here's Alexandra unwrapping the top and applying the first layer of the beeswax/ mineral oil mixture we made. After several coats, we moved the table inside and I continued to put coats on until it wouldn't soak up anymore.

Isn't it just the Thing?! I knew it would look fabulous after some TLC and it does! It has already been great for canning because of the larger work surface and because it's longer, I don't hit my head on my hanging pots anymore!

The tin flour bins are perfect for my cloth napkins and tablecloths- now I don't have to search in my bedroom closet anymore. Kudos to Handyman Joe and Alexandra for facilitating my wishes for this table!

State Fair

Bill and I decided to buy tickets to see ZZTop and the State Fair and thought going early would be fun, so we both took the afternoon off from work and spent it wandering the fair!
First on the agenda was food! I got the BBQ chicken which was amazing! Mommom would say I "washed my neck in it", which I did...

Then, it was off the poultry barn to see how my chickens stacked up to show stock. I'm proud to say that my little band looks just as plump and shiny as these birds!
My brother Steven used to raise chickens just like this one: Japanese Silkies!

Love the headdress!

This was the hugest hen breed I've ever seen. The rooster must have weighed 20 lbs.! I'd like to see a possum try to bother him!

Then, we were off the livestock barns and guess who I should see? Maria Rooney and Kendall showing their white Romney's. She won, of course...

And finally, before the concert we hit the Carnival where bill won a bowl for me and a shot glass for himself. ZZTop rocked and the venue was great! It was a great day with perfect weather for going to the fair!

More Canning!

Again this year, I've been furiously canning every free minute and I've managed to put up more fresh pack pickles, peach jam, peach quarters, pickled green beans, and salsa!

The prep work...


The finished product, cooling on the outdoor picnic table: green beans and gherkins!

Peach Jam!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well it's decided: we're going to Hawaii this fall!!! Just in time for my 29th birthday. There are so many good vacation deals right now, that it seemed like the perfect time to go. Ireland is still on our radar, perhaps after tax return time (since I'll finally be getting a good return this year- thanks house!). I'm so excited to go someplace tropical! We plan on snorkeling, taking helicopter rides, boat tours around the bay, lazing on the beach, and eating good food! I'll keep you posted as we nail down the details!